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driving lessons with Michaela - a female driving instructor in Surbiton


Michaela is the most incredible driving instructor you could ask for. To name just a few of her best qualities she's patient, caring, friendly, and will always make sure your pushing yourself when she knows you can do better. Before I start learning to drive I was honestly terrified of driving, the thought of being behind the wheel made me feel nauseous, stressed and so scared. So I was looking for an instructor who was very gentle and friendly. After reading Michaela's shining reviews on her website I decided it had to be her. I can't believe how quickly she changed my view on driving, after a short period of time I was already building up the confidence to drive without panicking. Michaela will pass all of her knowledge of driving to you, she'll never let you do anything she knows that you couldn't do, but will always make sure your pushing yourself to be the best driver you can be. I always felt so safe sat next to her and even though I'm sure I was quite a hard student to teach because of my initial lack of confidence, she makes you feel comfortable and she is so patient with you. I felt so encouraged right up until seconds before my exam, she'll always motivate you and keeps you feeling always positive. I genuinely can't recommend her enough to anyone wanting to learn to drive, no matter your situation or thoughts on driving she's the perfect teacher. She'll make you the top standard of driving there is and you'll leave feeling completely confident in driving by yourself. She knows exactly when your ready to take your exam, and will prepare you so thoroughly for it you'll barely feel the nerves. She's so passionate about driving which definitely rubs off and gives you the passion to be a safe and confident driver. As long as you trust her completely, I guarantee you'll become an incredible driver and become such good friend with Michaela you'll end up naming your first car after her like many of her students have. Thank you so much Michaela!

Natasha, Surbiton

I originally passed my test in 1998 but lacked confidence and found driving stressful and unpleasant. For that reason I never drove and soon forgot everything I had learnt. After 18 years, and with a baby on the way, I decided to take refresher lessons with Michaela. I'm so glad I did! Even though I had to start pretty much from scratch Michaela was brilliantly encouraging and confidence building throughout. With all my negative memories of driving I really thought I'd struggle to get behind the wheel again, but Michaela's tuition was absolutely perfect for me. I now feel I am a far more confident and capable driver than I was before and I really don't think I could have got to this point with anyone else.

Eleanor, Surbiton
Refresher course

Michaela is an outstanding driving instructor. When I first met Michaela I had a really negative relationship with driving. I was terrified of roundabouts and truly felt like I would never be able to do it. After only a few lessons I started to see a drastic change in my confidence. I learnt really quickly that mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of and are simply learning points. Not only is Michaela professional and knowledgable, she is extremely patient and kind. I cannot recommend Michaela enough! When I passed I don't know who was more thrilled! It feels wonderful to be able to drive independently and I'll miss her loads. Yesterday I got my first car and named her Michaela! I'm so grateful to have met such a talented instructor.

Roz, Thames Ditton

My daughter has recently passed her practical driving test, first time, with Michaela Acton. I just want to say what a remarkable instructor she is. Without a doubt, she is the reason Mary is the brilliant confidant driver she is today. Michaela is thorough, patient, has full command and is an absolute master of driving instruction. I am so pleased my sister recommended Michaela to me (she passed with Michaela after 2 failing instructors) and now my daughter is not only a driver, but a confident asset to our London roads. Thank you so much, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Mary's mum, Tolworth

Truly amazing! Michaela is such a positive and calming influence, I could not have asked for a better instructor! Michaela's level of teaching is such a high standard that I feel prepared to drive for life now, not just to have passed my driving test. I passed first time with 2 driver faults and I am so pleased! Thank you so much for all your support and for having confidence in me when I didn't have it in myself! I wouldn't have been able to pass without you!

Mary, Tolworth

Having passed my driving test first time (with only one driver fault!), I can whole-heartedly say that it simply would not have been possible without Micahela's splendid tuition and support! She is truly a fantastic teacher and I would thoroughly reccommend her to anyone I knew without hesitation! Throughout the process of learning to drive, she has been encouraging, supportive and has been an extremely thorough tutor, as well as a warm and friendly person. Never would I have had the confidence to think I could drive and pass first time without her expert tuition and reassurance. Whenever I get a car, I'm sure, that without a doubt, I will have her sage advice going through my head!

Thank you, Michaela, for teaching me how to be a safe driver and for being a brilliant teacher! I would also add a thanks, of course, to Wendy, the trusty car!

Lewis, Esher

Michaela has completely turned around my driving! She started teaching me when I had only had unofficial practice with family members, but she managed to get rid of all of the bad habits that I had learned. Even though I had some basic experience - even in my first few lessons she gave me so much invaluable information! Not only did she teach me how to be a safe driver, I had lots of fun whilst I was learning, and she gave me the confidence I needed to drive alone now that I have passed (1st time!). She has not only prepared me for the test but for driving in the real world, and I know I will have Michaela's voice in my head for the rest of my driving life! Thank you so much!

Olivia, Surbiton

"I've just passed my driving test (first time!) after learning with Michaela, and I've really enjoyed the whole experience. Michaela's mantra is "learn for real life, not just for test” and I do really feel that I've been prepared for a lifetime of driving. She is incredibly patient, knows the road like the back of her hand and has a brilliant positive mental attitude. I would consider myself a bit of a nervous driver and she definitely made me feel much more at home in the car, and I felt every lesson I made progress towards the goal of turning my green licence pink. Plus, she knows everything there is to know about the Highway Code, so the theory test will be a breeze as well! Thanks Michaela for helping me become a confident driver, I'm sure she can help you too!"

Stephen, Surbiton

"I cannot praise Michaela enough. I had a couple of refresher lessons with Michaela because I had been living in London without a car since I passed my test 7 years ago and on the few occasions when I did drive I found the whole experience really stressful. Michaela gave really clear and practical advice and was a calm and positive throughout. She really boosted my confidence and sorted out some areas of weakness in my driving. Since the lessons I had bought a car and am able to drive with confidence. I'm really pleased I took the time to have the lessons and chose Michaela as an instructor".

Caroline, Refresher lesson, Long Ditton

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Thank you for everything - I passed both my theory and practical tests first time with a little less than three months of tuition. The thing I most enjoyed about Michaela's lessons was how everything was taught in terms of real-life situations, and not just confined to the test specifications. As a result, I'm now confident driving in all situations and doubt there's much I haven't been prepared for! Michaela is very friendly, funny and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of learning to drive. As an instructor, she is very understanding and happy to go at whatever pace you set. My lessons took place all over different parts of south London, ranging from quiet backstreets, to roundabouts and dual- carriageways. I would urge anyone to try a few lessons - you may just find yourself becoming a better, safer and more aware driver than you ever thought possible. Michaela is a brilliant grade 6 instructor - perhaps if all drivers drove how Michaela teaches, insurance would be half the price!

Ollie, Hinchley Wood

Michaela is an absolutely brilliant teacher. I've been a teacher myself in art and philosophy for nearly ten years and can honestly say her teaching ability is second to none. I went from being a nervous driver who had failed once before with many faults to being super competent on the second test and passing with two minors! I had tried many other instructors and none were anywhere near both her level of teaching and driving ability. Don't even consider wasting money with anyone else, she is the best driving instructor out there by a mile and I'm so relieved I found her. The best thing is she instills such good driving practice for busy city roads that I know I have a life long learnt ability now that I'll never forget. She lifted me up from being scared to being confident that I can be safe and skilled on the road. Amazing experience! Thanks Michaela for all your hard work and commitment.

Ellie, Kingston - Upon - Thames

I can't thank you enough - you were amazing Michaela! Passing first time and having a 2 hour motorway lesson today (highly recommend to any new driver) has really built my confidence. A wonderful instructor - Michaela taught me safe driving not just for test but for real life and life long skills that will stay with me. I'd highly recommend Michaela to anyone thinking of learning to drive though who is lacking confidence - I was always encouraged and supported all the way through. Thank you again Michaela - a fantastic Grade 6 instructor :-)

Jason, Surbiton

Amazing! Had the pleasure of being taught by Michaela up until her maternity leave and couldn't have been happier with everything I learnt. Lessons were always well planned and professional but good fun too. Michaela even took the trouble to find another great instructor for me to carry on my lessons with and ended up passing 1st time. Thank you Michaela!!

Siobhan, Surbiton

I hadn't driven since moving to London around 7 years ago and in January I finally accepted that I needed a proper driving lesson to get me back into it. I contacted Michaela after seeing her impressive pass rate advertised on her website and was encouraged by the conversation I had with her. I had a two hour refresher lesson with Michaela last weekend and was very impressed with her tuition and attitude. Michaela started with the basics, was very patient and built up my confidence in no time. After two hours of being guided around the streets of Surbiton, New Maldon and Kingston (including the one way system!), Michaela reassured me that I was safe to go out on my own... and that's exactly what I did. It's great to be driving again after so many years!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! having just passed my driving test I am over the moon!! Michaela you were amazing and so was Wendy :) Great driving lessons that really built my confidence up as a driver and taught me life-long skills, thank you :) x

Sophia, Chessington

When I learnt to drive, I first started with the AA. I had heard they were very good, and I was a nervous driver. However after learning for over a year, as I could only afford 4hrs a month, my instructor was not helpful at all. I had learnt how to drive, but my I was just so nervous all the time and kept making simply mistakes. I then found Michaela, who I met as a work college first, she offered everyone lessons, and they were much cheaper than what I was paying, so I thought lets give it a go. And Michaela was amazing, I felt it was more professional and I was given some respect. I had failed my first two times with my AA instructor, which is when I finally stopped with her. I then passed first time with Michaela. She really helped me with my confidence, gave me lessons for life and made driving fun again; even today I still hear her voice in my head with instructions. She was a great instructor and I was really lucky to have her.

Maleha, Hampton

I was so nervous to start lessons and really reluctant to drive, but Michaela immediately made me feel safe and secure behind the wheel. She is always so patient and calm, and helped turn me from a nervous mess to a really confident driver! I passed my test first time, but also developed important driving skills for real life driving, not just for test. She's also just a really lovely, friendly person and made my lessons so enjoyable. She bent over backwards to fiit in lessons for me in the run up to my test so that I felt really confident and calm on the day. Thankyou so much for all your hard work Michaela! Xx

Alice, Kingston – upon – Thames

Hi everyone let me hope you are reading this testimonial because you're trying to find a driving instructor for various aspects involving driving. And guess what, you have found the best instructor ever. Just to let you know that I passed my test last month with Michaela's School of Motoring and truthfully it was a journey for me that I will live to remember when it comes to driving. This is due to a fact that I went to Michaela to prove to myself that I could never drive a manual car. But honest to God I don't know what she's got in her that made me glued until that day that I passed AND I MEAN DRIVING A MANUAL LEVER. Michaela is very calm, approachable and flexible and for me these are the best qualities you want an instructor to have when learning to drive. I'm not going to dwell how long it took me and all that but one thing for sure Michaela will give you a chance to learn how to drive safely and will guide you all the way until when you achieve your goal. I could go on and on about my experience with Michaela and I will never finish all I can say trust her judgement, be focussed and ask her when you aren't sure of anything because she is really patient and understands that everyone is different when it comes to mastering various techniques of driving. So I for one if I was to do this or ever need to do this again Michaela will be first option. Therefore Michaela thank you ever so much my experience with you was enjoyable, relaxing and well worth rewarding thus recommend all learners to Michaela's School of Motoring.

Zaina, New Malden

Having changed jobs and little driving experience post-test, I found my daily commute involved the motorway, which I was concerned about. I contacted Michaela who suggested that I had a motorway lesson, which I subsequently did. During the lesson, I found Michaela to be an extremely understanding, friendly and knowledgeable instructor, and I found that the advice and help that she gave me to be invaluable. I would encourage anyone not entirely confident with motorways to have such a lesson as I now regard the motorway section of my commute to be the most enjoyable and relaxing, which is entirely down to Michaela. I should add that I was surprised to find how different it was to drive on a motorway and the high number of people I have come across on the motorway who drive poorly - without this lesson I believe I may potentially have been less safe during my drive.

Gemma, Surbiton – Motorway Lesson

I have been driving for 13 years now after having passed my driving test first time in South Africa. I have always been a confident driver and thoroughly enjoy driving. I have always owned smaller, more compact cars, but recently we purchased a much larger Honda CRV. I decided that I would feel more confident in parking (in particular reverse parking) if I had a refresher course. I contacted Michaela and from the start she was friendly, professional and flexible. I spent an hour today with her and we used my car to practice in as I wanted to get used to it. I found the session extremely helpful and it was just what I needed. I know feel that if I am put in the situation of having to reverse park my car with others waiting, I will be able to handle it!! It's not only new drivers that can benefit from lessons and I would thoroughly recommend anyone needed a refresher session(s) to contact Michaela and get booked in

Tanya, Surbiton – Refresher lesson

Michaela came highly recommended to me via a friend - so I never had any doubt it my mind that she would be good. However through lessons with her I realised just how fantastic an instructor she is. From my very first lesson to passing first time with her (TODAY :D ) I have never once felt nervous or afraid in a car - this is all down to Michaela's calm and encouraging approach. She is the most patient and positive teacher (and person) I have ever met and I feel very secure knowing that her acronyms and general guidance will remain in my mind throughout my driving life! Michaela truly cares about her pupils and not only prepares them to a high standard for the test but also for life. I cannot thank her enough for her exceptional teaching and I would recommend her to anyone learning to drive! Thank you Michaela :D Xx

Emily, Kingston Upon Thames

I have taken lessons with few different instructors and found Michaela the best. She is so patient and tries to understand your problem and focus on your deficiencies. Her technique is perfect; her flexibility with lessons depending on pupil's requirement is another reason for her success. She makes you feel so comfortable that I started enjoying my lessons which I never did before. In the end I would say a big thank you to Michaela and tell other pupils out there who are looking for the right driving instructor that she is the one, the best value for your hard earned money. Keep up the good work Michaela and wish you all the best!

Saquib, London

Just passed test first time, great teacher, very patient and supportive. thanks for all your help!

Lawrence, Kingston Upon Thames

Michaela is a brilliant driving instructor! She was so patient and explained everything so well that it made learning how to drive a really fun experience. And although at first the idea of driving was quite intimidating, Michaela helped me learn how to drive correctly whilst staying calm and anticipating what the other drivers around were going to do.
I passed first time today after just 2 months of being taught from scratch by Michaela. And I know if i'd have been taught by someone else the experience would not have been as much fun, and my driving probably wouldn't have been at such a high standard! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive with someone who treats them as a real friend instead of a pupil. So thanks Michaela! I'll miss my driving lessons with you :-)

Steph, Kingston University

Michaela has been the most fantastic instructor ever! She was just so patient and she never belittled me for any mistake I made and constantly made sure I was happy with her teaching and understood everything! After my last instructor I was not at all confident about my driving but Michaela's belief and excellent teaching renewed my confidence and I have now finally passed my test! Frankly I am just annoyed I didn't find her first! I would recommend Michaela to anyone because she's not only a fantastic instructor but also one of the nicest people I have ever met! Thanks Michaela for everything!

Rujuta, Surbiton

I'm so pleased I had Michaela as my instructor. I have had a number of other instructors and hated driving until I started my lessons with her. Now I have just passed my test 1st time and feel completely differently about driving. Her calm, confident and thorough approach to teaching has helped me so much. Thank you!

Aislinn from Kingston

Michaela is definitely the best instructor anyone could hope for! I have just passed my test first time, and I'm sure it was all down to her positive attitude and enthusiasm for driving. I was quite nervous at first, but now I am extremely confident on the roads, and even in my reverse parking! She is extremely thorough in her teaching, and made every lesson enjoyable! Thanks again Michaela!

Chloe from New Malden

Having just passed my test first time, I have to say Michaela was the perfect instructor! She was extremely calm and friendly, making me feel secure about anything that I would've thought scary such as dual carriageways and large roundabouts. Any mistakes made were taken as a positive learning point so that I was constantly improving and felt confident with my own ability prior to my test! Thanks a lot Michaela!! =D

Natalie from New Malden

I didn't think I could ever pass my test until I had lessons with Michaela!! I had lost all confidence in learning to drive after bad experiences with previous instructors and hadn't had a lesson in 5 years. Michaela persuaded me to try a lesson with her and just 3 months later I have passed my test 1st time. Michaela's reassurance and confidence in me helped so much, I couldn't have done it with out her. Very highly recommended instructor!

Victoria from Thames Ditton

Michaela is extremely calm when teaching, which in turn made me feel more confident as a learner driver. When I made a mistake, Michaela found out why it happened in order to fix it permanently, and always made sure that i understood why things had to be done in a certain way in order to be a safe driver for life and not just to pass a driving test. Because this made me have more confidence in myself I found I could concentrate on learning the different skills more effectively. I also had great fun on Michaela's lessons. She made it entertaining and I found she is very easy to talk to. I passed first time thanks to Michaela!

Abi from Manchester

I went through three different instructors before I found Michaela; she was just the right combination of professionalism and friendliness. I was even prepared to commute an hour and a half to see her! I would recommend her to anybody, from someone who is very nervous as she's so patient to someone who is nearly test standard, as she is so thorough and competent. I passed first time!

SARAH from London

Michaela is an extremely friendly driving instructor who put me at ease from the moment I met her. She gave me confidence when I had very little confidence in my driving ability, and she was very patient when I stumbled. She is very professional yet she still seemed to have fun on our lessons which made me enjoy our lessons a lot. The lessons were well structured and she seems to have a lot of knowledge in her field. She gave simple instructions, often visually on her white board and with the use of toy cars as an extra visual aid, which made it easier to understand how to put it into practice. Her lessons gave great value for money, and by the end of every lesson, I felt I had learnt so much and that I knew I had got my moneys worth!...Thanks Michaela!

Rebecca from Manchester

Without my car I'd be completely lost, I passed my test in 2003, only due to having determination and a wonderful instructor to help me to achieve my goal. Michaela was that person. She was and still is very focused on making sure her students understand what they are being taught whilst also giving them the enjoyment of the experience of learning to drive!
I still see Michaela and I was really happy for her when she told me of her future plans. I hope everything works out for her as I'm sure it will. Good luck with everything hun and most of all enjoy it!!!!

Sara from Manchester

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